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ColorGATE Filmgate 10

Worldwide leading RIP Software for chemical-free film production using inkjet printers for flexo-, offset- and screen printing in high-end quality

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ColorGATE Productionserver 10 Family

The most flexible ColorGATE RIP software that ensures excellent colour management with optimum colour rendering and consistent reproduction for all applications

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ColorGATE Proofgate 10

Outstanding RIP-Software for digital contract proofing based on ISO standard 12647-7 and FOGRA reference values for a maximum colour accuracy

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ONYX PosterShop 12

Wide format RIP software that enables shops to unify their print production process on more than one device and provides the tools to maintain consistent output quality

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ONYX ProductionHouse 12

Wide format production RIP software that delivers high levels of automation, enhanced for superior output color and quality.

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ONYX RIPCenter 12

RIP software provides the control and simplicity needed to help those getting started in large format print production to achieve consistent high quality output at an affordable price

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