Canon Arizona 2300 Series

A true flatbed based on UV-curable ink

Arizona 2300 GTF
For media objects up to 1.25m x 2.5m.

Arizona 2300 XTF
For media objects up to 2.5m x 3.08m.

Achieve unlimited creativity, accuracy and quality.
Quick, reliable and low-maintenance, the Arizona 2300 provides the optimum in print quality and versatility for both rigid and flexible media applications. Enjoy a mind-blowing application range, instant-on capability and self-learning technology. Design complex jobs once, and then easily adapt and repeat to save time on future projects.

Let your creativity flow

Productivity: ready to go
Uptime is the mission: with instant-on availability, 2 up printing, Automated Maintenance, and game changing FLOW technology, for little to no masking. Plus, sharp high-key prints at impressive speeds of up to 93 m2/hr and high-density prints at up to 64 m2/hr.

Versatile: ready for creativity
Print on rigid or flexible media, standard or porous surfaces with VariaDot imaging technology. Achieve near photorealistic print quality for reliable printing in even the fastest production modes, and design and print jaw-dropping textured and elevated images with Touchtone.

Smart: ready for growth
Arizona Xpert can learn from what you do, to print with ease on all future jobs. Plus, future proof open interfaces can seamlessly be integrated in your workflow and exchange job information with your Management Information System

Sustainable: ready for the future

Canon LED-UV inks are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified to produce fabulous prints that are safe for all your customers including schools, hotels and hospitals, plus, Arizona LED-UV curing results not only in lower energy consumption, the longer lamp life also saves costs and is better for the environment.

Goodbye Masking
Arizona FLOW technology

The Arizona 2300 series is built around Arizona FLOW technology, which has revolutionised the way we look at flatbed table architecture.

Hello easy-to-use, versatile and productive printing. Goodbye masking.

Arizona FLOW technology introduces an impressive airflow technique that combines a zone-less, multi-origin table layout, supported by easy-to-use pneumatic registration pins. This results in less masking, easy and hassle-free job switching and versatile, accurate and productive multi-board or double-sided printing.

Print on more media and surfaces
Suitable for odd shaped, smooth or pre-cut media including canvas, wood, tile or glass and imagery tiled over multiple objects. Achieve full creativity with edge to edge full bleed printing without hassle or mess.

Pictures may include optional extras

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Printing Technology

4/6/8-channel piezoelectric inkjet system using VariaDot imaging technology; with two 636-nozzle, variable droplet printheads per channel.

Ink Configurations

2340 GTF: CMYK 2360 GTF: CMYK+WW/V 2380 GTF: CMYK+WW/V +cm
2340 XTF: CMYK 2360 XTF: CMYK+WW/V 2380 XTF: CMYK+WW/V +cm

Ink System

IJC357 UV-curable inks packed in quick-change, 2 and 3 litre bags for: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light Cyan, Light Magenta. White and Varnish packed in 1 litre bags.

Rigid Media Print Area

GTF - Up to: 126 x 251 cm / 49.6 x 98.8 inches (for edge-to-edge printing)
XTF - Up to: 309 x 251 cm / 121.7 x 98.8 inches (321 x N cm permitted w/308 cm vacuum)

Roll Media Print Width

Up to 219 cm / 86.2 inches