Canon Océ Colorado 1640

The first 64” roll-to-roll printer with UVgel technology


About the Océ Colorado 1640
Meet the new 64” roll-to-roll production printer with game-changing UVgel technology, designed to offer productivity. Delivering high quality graphics for indoor and outdoor usage at unheard of speed. Easily handle peak periods with fully automated media loading and multiple media rolls. Experience unrivalled flexibility to handle multiple jobs on one device.

The Océ Colorado 1640 is the world’s first (low-to)mid-volume roll-to-roll production printer from Océ, setting new standards for productivity, automation and superb image quality. It provides lowest operational cost in its class.

Productivity and high-quality prints
The Océ Colorado 1640 exploits all the advantages of UVgel, and adds automation features that make the printer even more productive.

With a max-speed mode of 159 m2/h or 1710 ft2/h for applications such as billboards or outdoor banners, the Océ Colorado 1640 is faster than any other printer in this segment. Even at indoor POP high quality mode, the printer operates at a speed of 40 m2/h or 430 ft2/h, which is up to 3 times faster than the traditional technologies in the market.

Breakthrough productivity
Fastest 64” printer in the market with a max-speed of 159 m2/h or 1709 ft2/hr for outdoor banner applications

Never seen before automation

For reliable, automated and predictable uninterrupted printing

Wide application range
Non-toxic, durable and colourfast, the technologically advanced UVgel ink delivers instantly dry prints with excellent aesthetics, the widest colour gamut and precise sharp dots

Lowest cost of operation
Reduced ink usage by up to 40% compared to competitive technologies

Pictures may include optional extras

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Media size maximum 1,625mm
Number of input rolls 2 (automatic roll-feeding and switching)
Media weight
Up to 50kgs
Printing method Océ UVgel piezoelectric inkjet
Printing modes Outdoor Banner HS: 159 m2 /hr.
Outdoor Banner mode: 114 m2 /hr.
Indoor Quality mode: 57 m2 /hr.
Indoor High Quality mode: 40 m2 /hr.
Backlits/Specialty mode: 20 m2 /hr.
Print resolution Up to 1,800 dpi
Ink types UVgel 355 ink
Ink colour CMYK