Epson SureColor SC-S80600 Large Format Printer

Epson SureColor SC-S80600 Large Format Printer

The SureColor Solvent 80600 is designed to produce flexible high-value signage quickly, easily and at minimum cost. It suits a variable workflow with low to medium production volumes. It can be used with a wide range of media including paper, canvas, film & vinyl. It suits an extended range of applications including large format photo & image printing, high-value high-impact indoor POS, durable outdoor signage, back-lit displays, window decorations, banners, vehicle wraps, wallpapers, surface finishes & labels.

The SC-S80600 incorporates Epson’s latest PrecisionCore print head and UltraChrome Eco-Solvent ink technology. It produces durable prints that are bright and glossy with an unparalleled colour gamut. It is designed to produce premium quality output, using minimum ink, with simple operation, and fast job completion. Prints dry quickly and machines require minimum maintenance. Ink has a low odour to enable operation in a wide range of commercial, business and office environments.

SC-S40600  |  SC-S60600

  • Superior Performance – Produce output quickly with DUAL Print Heads, an extended 9 colour ink set, optional White or Metal ink
  • Superior Media Support – Supports Paper, Canvas, Vinyl and Film stocks, in widths up to 1626mm and thicknesses up to 1mm, in rolls up to 45Kg & 250mm in diameter
  • Superior Print Quality – Latest PrecisionCore Printhead, new UltraChrome GS3 ink, improved MicroWeave & LUT, self-agitating ink lines, improved paper path with upgraded feed management and a new Advanced Auto Tension Control System
  • Superior Integration – Compact design with flexible networking, suits installation in a wide variety of operational environments, runs off a standard 240V power supply, and can be driven by a variety of 3rd party RIP applications
  • Simpler & Easier to Use – Can be loaded by a single operator with Auto Media Set-Up and Skew Correction, new See-Through Platen Cover with Integrated Lighting, upgraded Control Panel and new Epson Control Dashboard management software
  • Reduced Maintenance – New Self Cleaning Printhead and Air Circulation system with mist extraction
  • Reduced Production Costs – Uses new low cost 700ml ink cartridges with Reduced Ink & Power Consumption, ships with an Integrated Auto Take-Up and Drying Unit, supports Remote Management, Remote Auto Status & Error Reporting
  • Increased Durability – Features a Strengthened Chassis and a new Printhead Guard, backed by a Comprehensive 1 year Warranty with Optional Cover that can be extended up to a total of FIVE YEARS.

Superior Quality & Consistency

The SC-S80600 incorporates Epson's latest PrecisionCore print heads. The heads employ Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT) to enable drops as small as 4.2pl for smooth colour gradation with optimum ink application. While competing head technologies use heat to form droplets, Epson employs a patented MicroPeizo operation that is kinder on the ink for superior colour accuracy while also enabling extended head durability. The heads are driven by Epson Precision Dot Technology with an upgraded LUT & upgraded Half Tone Module for images with higher contrast and reduced grain. A new Control Dashboard application provides access to a library of optimised settings for common media types while new print modes provide superior results with special and custom substrates.** Additional new MicroWeave patterns enable output with higher uniformity and reduced banding at lower pass rates.

The printer features a strengthened chassis that is robot assembled and laser welded for extreme parallelism. It features inbuilt levels to enable easier installation and increased adjustment to cope with uneven flooring. A new 'Closed Mushroom' paper path has been implemented in conjunction with an enhanced Media Feed System for superior tracking. The feed system features upgraded rollers and a new Advanced Auto Tension Control (ad-ATC) which intelligently and actively manages the various feed motors. The potential for media wandering and head crashes has been reduced while linearity and take-up accuracy has been improved. Print is more consistent, off-line processing is easier, and output can be produced for tiling applications.

The printer uses new Eco-Solvent UltraChrome GS3 ink. The ink features a revised formulation with significantly increased gloss levels for superior ‘punch’ and has increased pigment density for brighter prints with reduced consumption. The S80600 works with an expanded ink set that includes additional Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange and a new Red that combine to enable prints with an unparalleled gamut, outstanding tone and colour depth. The printer can also be used with optional White ink for specialist film applications and Metal for high value POS. The 9c ink set has an un-laminated outdoor lightfastness rating of 3 years and is Nickel Free with a low VOC for minimum odour. Printers are suitable for installation and operation within a wide variety of environments including factories, shops, air-conditioned offices and design studios*.

Simpler & Faster Operation

The SC-S80600 has been designed for fast and flexible ad-hoc production. It will output on vinyl, canvas, clear film, photographic paper and banner substrates in widths up to 64-inch (162.6cm). Single operator media loading is enabled with an integrated easy lifter and a platen release that is accessible from the rear. The printer provides faster job turnaround with Auto Media Setting, Auto Skew correction, improved production speeds, and quicker drying.** With low and/or variable production volumes signage printers traditionally suffer from pigment settling in the ink lines. This model features in-line flow regulators which act to re-agitate the ink before it passes to the print head to ensure more accurate and consistent colour density.

The printer features a new see-through platen with integrated lighting to enable direct progress monitoring. It ships with new Epson Control Dashboard software that enables remote configuration and management. The software supports up to 4 printers and provides access to interactive user manuals, tutorials, firmware updates, media & print settings. The printer ships complete with an Auto Take-Up for continuous roll-to-roll production and can be configured to transmit status and error updates via e-mail.

Easier Maintenance and Lower Running Costs

The SC-S80600 has been designed to address the increasingly competitive nature of the signage market. It provides superior and more consistent output with faster job turnaround, reduced downtime and lower production costs. It features a new printheads guard. The guard protects against media crashes while collecting dust that may otherwise spoil prints with smudges and miscellaneous ink drops. The printer incorporates a new Automatic Head Cleaning System that periodically engages a Fabric Wiper to remove ink build up from the head and fluff build up from the guard. It also incorporates a new air circulation system that removes airborne dust and ink particles, collecting them in filters that are replaced every 3 to 6 months (along with the Fabric Wiper). Less print wastage occurs and there is a significant reduction in the amount of manual cleaning and maintenance.

The printer confirms Epson’s corporate directive for cost effective and durable operation with minimum environmental impact. It consumes Less Power and Less Ink is used to produce Superior Quality Print. Its uses a DUAL set of 700ml ink cartridges that are also cheaper to purchase.

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Max Print Width  64 inch wide
Ink Type Pigment based Solvent
Ink Family Epson Ultrachrome® GS3
Maximum Resolution 1440dpi x 1440dpi
Colours C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Lk, Or, Rd + (optional) Wht or Mtl
Cartridge Capacity
9 x 700ml + optional 1 x (600ml Wht or 350ml Mtl)