HP Designjet Z5200 44-in PostScript Printer

HP Designjet Z5200 44-in PostScript Printer

Transform your printing experience!

Offer large-format applications with an HP Designjet that can transform your printing experience. Impress with high-quality prints using HP inks, ColorPRO papers, and a workflow that's faster, easier, and more affordable than you thought possible.

Produce a broad range of high-quality large-format applications including posters, POP displays, maps, light boxes, and canvas prints.


Easy and intuitive
  • Radically simplify and speed up your entire printing workflow with HP Instant Printing Pro
  • Printing the colors you want to see is fast, easy, accurate, and cost effective.
Quick printing
  • Submit multiple files at once—in different formats like PDF, PS, TIFF, or DWF—without opening applications.
  • Experience high speeds up to 41 m2 per hour.
  • Process large files quickly and effortlessly with a 160 GB Hard Disk Drive.
Any file format
  • Rely on embedded PS/PDF support and see the colors you desire with HP Professional PANTONE Emulation.
  • Produce consistent & accurate results with the printer’s embedded Spectrophotometer and its color management tools
  • Impress your customers with long-lasting, high-quality color and black-and-white prints.
  • Transform your everyday printing with ColorPRO papers.
Experience dependable, high-quality results on a range of applications, no matter the file format. Count on a truly dependable printing experience with a built-in PostScript interpreter for in-printer processing of PS and PDF files. And with HP Professional PANTONE Emulation you can meet customer colour expectations more quickly and reliably.

Includes HP Designjet Excel Accounting Utility for job tracking and cost reporting.

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Max Media Size 44"/1118mm
Ink System 8-Clr (C,lc,M,lm,Y,lk,PK,MK)
Memory / Hard Disk 32GB / 160GB

Safety Documentation
MSDS Click here
SDOC Click here
SOP Product User Guide – For general safety guidelines and safety precautions.
Product Service Manual – Printer Safety Features and various hazards
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