Kodak Prinergy Connect Workflow


The leading integrated digital and conventional prepress workflow

PRINERGY CONNECT Workflow solutions deliver outstanding performance for all sizes of commercial and publication printers and trade shops. Each workflow configuration offers automated processing, including preflight, color management, trapping, and imposition.

PRINERGY CONNECT Workflow offers blended offset and digital press management--a single centralized solution that allows you to drive jobs to both offset and digital presses. Control input, processing and output for conventional and digital print, with power and automation for streamlined productivity in all job sizes and run lengths.

Kodak Workflows use JDF to share job data, imposition, and page assignment information with content preparation, production planning, prepress, and business systems. Reduce costs and build a more efficient environment with improved workflow control and automation based on industry standard specifications.

Streamline Job Processing with Rules-Based Automation
PRINERGY Rules-Based Automation is a licensable component for PRINERGY Software, offering truly intelligent automation. Rules-Based Automation allows you to specify simple but powerful rules that basically tell the system that if event X occurs, perform action Y. Rules-Based Automation runs in the background, and as soon as a specified event occurs, it immediately triggers the specified action. The possibilities are limited only by the number of events your system can ‘see’ and the number of ‘actions’ it can perform.

Rules-Based Automation allows you to create automatic rules for any existing manual event, business process, or daily step in your printing production workflow. As a result, you can organize all stages of print production, enabling your business to run much more effortlessly.

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