YUPO Backlit FPU Series 200μ

YUPO Backlit FPU Series are a range of synthetic films ideal for lightbox graphics and backlit displays. 100% waterproof, chemical, tear and UV resistant. Produces super-sharp images in daylight as well as in backlit situations. Ideal for backlit posters, bus shelters, street furniture, metro posters and banners. Recommended for indoor and outdoor applications.

Code Description Add to Fav
YUPFPU200100-3C-1320 1320 x 100m x 5 rolls White Matt Translucent
YUPFPU20050-3C-1320 1320 x 50m roll White Matt Translucent
YUPFPU200-1320 1320 x 100m roll White Matt Translucent
COLOUR: Translucent white

Ink Compatibility: Latex / UV Curable
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